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The current membership includes over 45 musicians of all ages. Most band members have played instruments in high school or college and find the band to be a convenient and inexpensive way to keep up their skills during their adult life. Members donate their time and, with a few exceptions, are expected to provide their own instruments.


Membership is open to anyone showing sufficient skills in playing a wind or percussion instrument. Musical skill adequacy will be determined by the Musical Director. Please see below for additional information about band member responsibilities.

SJMB Membership Information

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Members are requested to make an annual voluntary monetary donation. The Board establishes a member donations goal each September based primarily on the donation total achieved the previous year. Members may use this goal along with their financial situation to determine their voluntary donation amount. Since SJMB is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, member donations are tax deductible and the Treasurer will issue you a receipt for tax purposes. Our annual donations drive runs from September to year-end, but donations are accepted at anytime. Many employers have programs that benefit 501(c)(3)s, and you are encouraged to take advantage of these, if possible.

Performance Attire

For indoor formal concerts and events:
Gentlemen: black shirts, black slacks, no tie
Ladies: black slacks, dress, or skirt with black top

For outdoor and less-formal indoor events:
White SJMB polo shirt, khaki or black slacks, depending on the venue and event, and optional SJMB straw hat.

The required SJMB polo shirt and optional SJMB straw hat are available for purchase. Payment for these items should be made to the Band Treasurer.


The SJMB is a performance group, not a rehearsal band. As such, it is important that each member make it a priority, as much as possible, to participate in the scheduled performances. Should a member not be able to make a performance, the section leader and the Musical Director should be informed. In some cases it may be desirable for the member to find a substitute to fill in.

Music Policy

Each year the band purchases new musical arrangements to play.
Throughout the year the band's active repertoire changes, based on the time of year and the upcoming performances, and consists of newly-acquired music and music pulled from our library. The Band Librarian maintains all of the band's music.

Parts are handed out and placed in their respective folders. The Librarian makes these folders available at each rehearsal. The folders must be turned back in to the Librarian at the end of each rehearsal, unless a member wishes to take a folder to practice the music at home. Members are free to use pencils to mark their music with performance notes.

Rehearsal time and location

The San Jose Metropolitan Band is a year-round group. The band rehearses on Mondays at 320 Piercy Road, San Jose, CA.(Map). 

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