Booking Information

Promotional Information is available.

The promotional package includes a band photo, backgrounder, and demo CD. Please contact, David Brown at (408) 623-4167 to receive this package by mail. Or if you prefer, you can set up a time for a personal presentation.

Appropriate events for this type of band

Because of the band's varied repertoire, the band can fit in to quite a few venues. We can custom select pieces from the current season's repertoire and we may be able include one or two specially requested pieces given sufficient notice beforehand.

Think of us for your next:

Art and Wine Festival Company BBQ or Party
Holiday Event Corporate Celebration
Store / Park Opening Community Affair
Ceremony/Dedication Event Kickoff

Cost to have the band perform

In these cost conscious days, the SJMB is surprisingly reasonable. Average pricing usually ranges from $600 to $1200, depending on many circumstances. Performance engagements usually run from 1 to 2 hours. All fees are negotiable, and other factors such as publicity, crowd, sound system, etc., may factor into the final contract price.

Booking the band

Contact  David Brown  (408) 623-4167 to work out the performance specifics - date, time, duration, pricing, venue, etc.

Checklist for clients

Venue Information

Concert start and end times
--Please note that the band needs about 1/2 hour of setup and teardown time.

Location information

Music preferences
--This information should be provided 6 to 8 weeks in advance.

Contract Information

Name, address, phone and fax information for the contract
--Contract must be signed by the client at least two weeks prior to the engagement.

There is a 50% cancellation fee.
--See "Acts of God" section in the contract.

Insurance information

Logistics Information

Minimum performance space is 20'x30'.

Who wiill provide the chairs and music stands?

Is the venue inside or outside?

If outisde, is the area covered/sheltered?

Is there a PA system available?

Are there 110v electrical outlets in or near the performance area?

What type of lighting is available?

Is there sufficient parking for all band members nearby?

Is the venue hanicapped accessible (performance space and audience space)?

Advertising Information

May we hand out SJMB promotional materials?

May we place our SJMB banners/logos in and around the area?

Will you be advertising the concert?
--If so, may we have the media information and a copy of the advertisement?

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